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Being mom, wife, nurse, entrepreneur with a part time job and still finding the time to take care of you!?! Are you serious???

Yes ma’am I am!!! If you don’t take care of you love, how will you handle the many roles that everyone counts on you for when your tank is on E? Oh it’s possible but are we really being fair to anyone when we are just going through the motions? Your family, clients, patients, bosses and whomever you divide your time amongst, deserve to get the best of you! Most importantly, you deserve the best you!! That concept was one of the hardest things for me to understand until I looked in the mirror and realized it had been days since I showered (sorry family) weeks since I had shaved my legs (sorry husband) months since I had worn make up, years since I had gotten my hair done by anyone other than myself, and even longer since I had bought myself a cute outfit or pair of shoes. So I did something. I got in the shower, fixed my face, Shaved my LEGS, and found the coolest thing since sliced online boutique of a young woman around my age or younger and her their home....selling ALOT of clothes!!! I watched a few times and finally hit the buy button!! Literally the best thing that ever happened to me!!! I got my shit together and I decided enough! I am going to do what I love! I am going to help women like myself feel beautiful and remind them that they are worth it and so much more! If you're new on this journey friend, I's hard girl!! It's hard to make that decision to make YOU happy and feel good...even if it's literally just for you! Walk with me to me!! If you're struggling love, reach out and talk to us!! Post it in the group! Message me or one of the many amazing women in our group! You will not feel alone. You will be welcomed with open arms and open minds!!! We love you sis!!! Come on in!!! You are worth it and so much more 💚

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